New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc.
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Welcome to New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc.

With over 35-years of experience, New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc. is one of the pioneers of the barter syndication TV entertainment model. Through the New Visions barter syndication entertainment model we are able to return to our sponsors a return on investment (ROI) that is often two to four times greater than the investment budgets of production and syndication. This ROI is measured in the amount of targeted and measured TV media delivered back to a sponsor as compared to the cost of purchasing in the media markets.

New Visions has many long standing relationships with program directors at individual stations, station groups, terrestrial and satellite entities internationally.


Distribution Successes

In the syndication section of our website please see recent examples of syndication successes delivered to our clients. These clearance charts will provide clearance details including DMA's (Designated Market Area), city and state, percentage of households reached as well as specific dates and time of airings.

Please note the majority of all Broadcast airings take place in the Saturday/Sunday time frames. New Visions schedules our programming around viewing blocks such as soft news, advantageous lifestyle/travel and sporting events. Many times these are lead-in & lead-out of network programming such as the CBS Sunday Morning Show, the ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos, as well as around the afternoon sports and continuing lifestyle program blocks. This ensures that New Visions reaches the prime demographic audience that our programming seeks.